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Father's Day, a family member's birthday, me going to the doctors, and everything surrounding E3's events... It has been a busy week or so, and after taking a break from art, I have resumed drawing.

Apologies for the period of inactivity; new art uploads are coming shortly!  :-D

Amongst the recent Pokémon Quest, Pokémon Let's Go and 1997 Beta Pokémon buzz, here's a mashup I made of the Gym music tracks from Pokémon Black/White and X/Y.  :-)

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I spent the past few days trying to relax and de-stress.

I think that I am starting to feel better now. My current priority is to get back into the groove of working on my art regularly.

I'll see how things pan out over the next week or so. I've recently backed out of doing a lot of additional work, so hopefully I don't get stressed as much again.  :-)
After reconsidering what is reasonable for me to produce on a regular basis, I have decided to scale back on the amount of deadlines that I give myself.

So, going forward, my new art upload schedule is as follows:

1 new A5 drawing every 2 weeks, and 1 new A4 drawing every 2 weeks, uploaded on Sundays, running in a hit-one miss-one style. This means that one Sunday there will be a new A5 drawing, then next Sunday there will be a new A4 drawing, then next Sunday there will be a new A5 drawing, and so on as the cycle loops.

As for photography, this involves considerably less reliability for consistent uploads. This is because there are many more variables in the outdoor environment, which are factors in whether or not I happen to take any photographs that I decide are worth uploading.

Due to unreliable conditions and scenarios that may result in suboptimal photograph opportunities, I have decided to scrap photography entirely from any upload schedules. I still plan to upload new photographs as and when good photography moments arise, just don't expect 1 new photograph per month as previously planned.

These new deadlines should be a better fit for me, and relieve some of my stress, as I will not feel pressured to produce content as frequently as before. This new art upload schedule will come into effect on Sunday 03 June 2018.

A big thank you to everyone for your continued support.  :-)

I would like to deeply apologise for not sticking to my new art upload schedule as I intended to.

Settling into self-employment, along with other recent things, and trying to stick to my own art deadlines for the first time, have all been severely stressing me out.

As a result, I have fallen significantly behind schedule with my art. I am not in a good head space right now, so it's best for me to not comment further about future art uploads at this time.

Again, I'm very sorry for the lack of art uploads. I am determined to work something out here, and will update about this some time soon-ish.

Pokemon Customs: Logo by Naean

In this series, I’ll draw each Pokémon’s original outline, then fill the rest of it with my own details. First entry coming later today!  :-D

"Customs" logo segment, and name of this art series, are inspired by Los Santos Customs from Grand Theft Auto V. This logo also uses a slightly edited variant of the original Pokémon logo.  :-3

The Pokémon Customs logo was designed using Serif DrawPlus X8 computer software.

#New  #Art  #Drawing  #Series  #Collection  #Reveal  #Pokemon  #Customs

New Art Series Reveal - Coming This Weekend: Sunday 06 May

New Art Series Reveal - Coming This Weekend by Naean

What’s hidden underneath? Stay tuned to find out!  :-)

#New #Art #Drawing #Series #Collection #ComingSoon #Upcoming #Sunday #Weekend #May #Reveal

I am very happy to announce that I now have a consistent upload schedule set in stone!  :-D

○ This is my upload schedule as of 30 April 2018:

At least 1 new A5 drawing per week. (On Sundays.)

At least 1 new A4 drawing per fortnight. (On Saturdays.)

At least 1 new photograph per month. (On Fridays.)

○ Furthermore, I've also launched a Patreon Page!

You can now support me on Patreon for as little as $1 per month, while I create new art every week!

All contributions are most appreciated!  :-D

Alongside my usual art, I'll also be starting a new series of drawings in 2018!  ^w^

The drawings in this series will be "alternate takes on characters in an existing franchise". That's the most that I'll say without spoiling anything specific.

Please stay tuned!  :-D

#MyArt #MyDrawings #NewSeries
Fantastic news!

I now have significantly more time at home, and on top of this, I just recently invested in a new scanner! (Canon CanoScan LiDE 220.)

I have already scanned in a backlog of drawings which I wanted to upload many months ago. Expect them to begin being uploaded this week!  :-D
I have now finished uploading my college art.

Expect a big backlog of non-college art to begin being uploaded in the next 3 months.  :-)